Parenting Support Group

Positive Parenting is for parents/guardians who are exhausted trying to discipline their children through fear, power and control, and instead want to teach their children how to discipline themselves. Children learn responsibility when they have opportunities to practice valuable social and life skills for good character in an atmosphere of openness, firmness, trust and understanding. Learn the power of encouragement and positivity in order to develop a relationship with your child grounded in mutual respect.

 Work as a parenting team to:

  • Resolve conflicts without power struggles
  • Replace nagging, yelling, threats and bribes with boundaries, positive messages and understanding children into feeling empowered, socially responsible, understood, and self-sufficient
  • Practice active listening skills to enhance your parenting, as well as other relationships in your life

Summer Sanders, LMFT, PPSC, PASC: Brings over 15 years of experience as a therapist, school counselor, educator, and community organizer. Summer is passionate about developing social character in youth, giving them a voice, coaching them how to listen attentively, and advocate for themselves. She also works with parents/guardians to holistically understand their children and develop a relationship based on mutual respect. Summer coaches with the belief that all social relationships are a constructive learning opportunity for life. She is currently a practicing therapist, as well as a Founding Director of Students and Counseling for a High School in Long Beach. Her education has focused on Human Services, Child/Adolescent Development, Counseling, Mental Health, Social Justice, Equitable Approaches for the Classroom, Sex & Sexuality Education, Arts-Integration, and Progressive Education. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Clinical Supervisor, and obtained Credentials in School Counseling/Guidance and Preliminary Administrative Services.