Pontigo’s Story

Who is Pontigo?

Being a mother of two and very close to my 10 nieces and nephews, I realized one day that I really dislike to throw plastic bags away because you end up using thousands of bags per year and they all end up in a land-fill.

Although the individual pre-packed snacks are very convenient, as a modern person concerned by the environment, it is necessary to know what type of planet your children will inherit. We cannot rely on the “use-and-toss” products and make that little plastic bag become somebody else’s problem.

“We are what we eat”, therefore I always try to keep myself and my family away from dangerous materials. With this in mind, I designed these high quality re-usable bags that are used by my girls daily.

Every bag is hand-made by myself in Long Beach, California in a pet-free and tobacco-free environment.

I love to see my little toddler girl open and close her own snack bag, which not only looks really cute, but teaches her to be responsible for her own snacks and of course, the environment.