Pontigo – Re-Useable Snack Bags

Fabrication of Pontigo Bags

We all want to make of snack time a fun and environmentally responsible event. Pontigo bags are a wonderful alternative to plastic zip top bags, aluminum foil and paper napkins. With our bags, you not only save money, but you will be helping the planet by reducing the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.

Each one of our bags, is hand made with a lot of attention to detail and with the best quality materials, this is why they can potentially replace thousands of plastic bags in their lifetime.

On the exterior, they are made of 100% cotton fabric in beautiful patterns. The liner is made of non-toxic nylon fabric which protects from moisture. They are lead, PVC and BPA free.

We have different models to suit most of your needs and can be used to carry snacks, sandwiches, cookies, crackers, crayons, pens & pencils, coins, cosmetics, keys or anything you can think of… well, almost anything.

When you’re done with your snack, just turn it inside-out and swipe the crumbs away. You can also wipe the liner with a damp cloth or throw it in the washer and hang it to dry.

Each bag is unique, therefore the pattern placement and size may vary slightly.

Sandwich Bags contain multiple rows of stitches to reinforce the Velcro closure and come with a nylon liner. (Liner color may vary)

This will ensure that your Pontigo bag stays with you for a long time.

Two Pull-Tabs have been added to help your little one open the bag.

What’s the difference between a Snack bag and a Sandwich bag?

Sandwich bag is slightly bigger, has a Velcro closure and can fit a sandwich or a considerable amount of snacks. This one is useful when you will be out all day.

The Snack bag is just a little bit smaller than the Sandwich bag, but the pull-string closure narrows the top of the bag. This makes it perfect for a small amount of snacks. Lets say, for an afternoon at the park. However, you can fit a big apple in it.


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