Past Life Memories

Past Life Memories

September 27, 2017


Qiana Jones – Owner

I loved being in the kitchen and around food more than anything else. I changed, because my life changed. I prioritized & rolled with it.

My life is changing again; so again, I must rethink/re-evaluate my life.

Right now, Belmont Kidz is my passion because I love getting to know people who come through my door. I enjoy sharing life stories. I learn we are all the same with different backgrounds and handle things differently. Everyone who walks into my store is treated with RESPECT no matter what my perception. I live by following my heart~#titanium Everyone deserves respect.

I am also that “one” who believes there is a little “light” in everyone.

But, I am getting overwhelmed. Belmont Kidz is truly a community project. It is not a one woman show. I can not do this alone. I don’t want to stop providing a much needed service of decluttering closets, reducing waste in landfills by recycling children’s clothing and baby gear. The money usually go to the kids so they feel good about purging. Belmont kidz also gives back. Items not sold are donated to Long Beach charities including: For the Child, Precious Lambs preschool, Little Sunshine House as well as Long Beach Womens Shelter.

The parent & me classes, storytimes I enjoy doing as well. If you have come into the store and talked to me you would know I am a wealth of information and ideas. Connecting parents to talk about their kids is an awesome feeling. Sometimes, we just want to know we are not alone in the struggle of parenting.

Some expectations for you all:

* Hours will be changing so I can focus more on online sales.

* Clothing that provides the “wow” or “uniqueness” will more likely be accepted. The “wow” makes tagging fun because I look forward to showing your stuff.

*We will be looking for volunteers to help out in the store and community garden.

*More community family time in the store. I love to entertain and mingle!

Me in action :

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