Long Beach Women’s Investment Club

This club has been formed because we as women should be tired of not knowing what our financial position is in our family. For years, it may have been the mens responsibility to pay the bills, insurance, taxes, etc leaving us with no clue what we have if our husbands die before us. We say, NO MORE! We are dedicated to teaching women about money management and investments. This Club is exclusive because we only want the best. The hungry! Those that have the desire to have a BUSINESS so they can work 20 hours a week while vacationing in Europe with their loved ones. Why work and make money only to pay it to someone else and keep repeating the same routine.

We do not believe our purpose here was meant to work, sleep, eat, shit and if you have time spend it doing it something you enjoy.

No, some of us have it all wrong. What we need to be doing is spending time with loved ones doing something we enjoy while making residual income.

If you think you would be a good fit for our team please contact us at (562) 270-3635 direct line or email hello@belmontkidz.com. We look forward to living the dream of financial independence with you!