Belly Henna Blessings

Belly Blessing Way Guidance

An alternative to traditional baby shower. We offer a gathering created to empower and support the new mother for her journey of childbirth and Motherhood.

We will work together to create a sacred event for pregnant mommy with your closest friends and family to celebrate the new addition to the household. Belly blessing ways focus on the new mother and her pregnancy experience. This is a wonderful time bless and share loving intentions with friends and family to honor the mother in her pre-birthing. We work closely with you to create the perfect vision and will help host your event to make that vision into a beautiful reality. This is a great way to relieve pressure off friends and family so they can enjoy this special day with you!

Contact us for more details and discussion at (562) 270-3635.

Henna Baby Belly Blessings

A calming pregnancy ritual rich with meaning and beauty…

Bring meaning and offer Blessing to your baby in womb with an all natural Henna plant design by me. As we create and draw your design onto your belly with intention we will speak blessings and love to your sweet baby. Many women have me do the blessing at their Baby Shower or Blessing Way. Others prefer an intimate ritual with just baby and Mother. Let me know how I can help bless and invite your child into our realm.