Our Village Presents Long Beach Womens Investment Club


Our Village presents Long Beach Womens Investment Club

We are a Long beach Womens Investment Group. Every week a new topic.

Long Beach Womens Investment group is for women who are tired of not knowing what their financial position is in their family. For years, it may have been the spouses responsibility to pay the bills, insurance, taxes, etc leaving us with no clue what finances we have to work with if our companion were to die before us.

We say, NO MORE! We are dedicated to teaching women about money management and investments. This series is an introduction of “Our Village” which is an exclusive membership club for those who are serious about improving their situation. We only have time for the right fit. We want those that have the desire to have a BUSINESS so they can work 20 hours a week while vacationing in Europe with their loved ones and still be making money. Why work and make money only to hand it to someone else and let someone else raise your children. Then you keep repeating the same routine until the kids go to college. Then you just do the same routine minus the kids

We do not believe our purpose here was meant to work, sleep, cook, eat, shit, nurse, clean and if you have time spend it doing it something you enjoy.

No, some of us have it all wrong. What we need to be doing is spending more time with loved ones doing something we enjoy and are good at, sexy for our companion, keep relationship fresh all while making residual income providing .

Ever fantasize about hiring that housekeeper and wet nurse? I know I did!! Well, we teach you about money management and investments. Our Village of women work together to make sure everyone manifests their fantasies making them into a reality.

If you think you would be a good fit for our team please text us at (562) 270-3635 CODE: #LBWIC direct line and just reference where you heard about our exclusive club.

We look forward to living the dream of financial independence with you!

We prefer no children at this event since champagne will be served.

Examples of topics:

* Financial Planning

* College Planning

* Stock Market

* Debt Management

* Credit Repair

We will also cover some financial secrets I have personally learned in my experience in the financing industry.

You will not want to miss this series.

One candidate from each 4 week series will receive an exclusive membership into Our Village which is by invite only.

Direct line: (562) 270-3635
Office line: (562) 433-9151